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ATVs and Rock Picking in Eagle River, WI

I love to vacation in Eagle River, WI. I never considered myself a guy who would get into ATVing, but that all changed this summer. However, I came to ATVing in a less conventional way. As a child I spent a lot of time in Eagle River not even knowing anything about the full on […]

The Aristocraft – Part 1

A $200 1960s boat at a garage sale in Remer, Minnesota. First off, why don’t the people of Remer get together and change the name of their town. Secondly, this is the reason everyone should always carry cash. I apologize. I never carry cash. The Remerite must have taken a check. Dear and kind boat […]

Is This Short Enough, Jonathan?

Years ago when I lived in Madison, WI a friend of mine said some guys she knew had just started a funny little paper. I had read the little paper and agreed that it was funny. She said that I should write for the new paper. I was told that she had told the guys […]

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